To Our Runescape Greetings, adventurer.

Every inhabitant of Gielinor should have a loyal companion, and this week Solomon’s General Store have two such extraordinary creatures to unveil for you! Solomon’s General Store also offering runescape gold discounts on an assortment of additional pets!

A prehistoric beast with a fondness for steak, the brightflame ancient is a living skeleton, brimming with a perpetually burning flame.

brightflame ancient

Brightflame Ancient
If that’s too monstrous for you, perhaps view the nine-tailed Inari. This mystical fox of ancient lore can produce an impressive display with its nine tails.

Both have emotes, are recolourable and have a variety of names available.

Runescape Inari

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Both new pets are available now, so please do visit Solomon’s General Store for a closer look! If you would like more rs gold, you can redeem Bonds in-game. Alternatively, you can purchase additional RuneCoins on Solomon’s General Store billing page, or by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ inside my store. Finally, feel free to visit me in-game, just south of the Grand Exchange!