According to EA, Draft mode should provide a condensed taste of the larger game, allowing you to sample the best players and try out unique strategies without having fut 16 coins to commit to opening countless packs year-round.

Not everyone gets the chance to use Ronaldo in Ultimate Team, but in Draft mode, it’s now very much possible. “We had a lot of [requests] where people wanted high reward, high risk, high stakes competitions,” Shaikh explained on why EA introduced the mode. “We’ve spent years building Ultimate Team to be a mode you can play for the entire year, becoming incredibly fun and engaging for those who play for 12 months. FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most popular game modes available to fans of the series. In an effort to build on Ultimate Team’s popularity, and to draw new fans to FUT, EA Sports has created FUT Draft to debut on the soon-to-be-released FIFA 16 on September 22.

Also note that your player has to have an OVR of 60 or above to get one of these messages; similarly, once he’s 22 or older the status will disappear. However, neither of these events mean that his potential has changed, it’s just that the game won’t give you a hint as to what it is until his OVR hits 60 and before he turns 22. It could also work the other way, though. Because potentials could get randomly changed, all you had to do was save before promoting a player, then quit and reload your save if he didn’t end up with a potential status. This would players who had terribly potentials in the academy to come out with ‘Has potential to be special’ (or any other potential status), meaning you could get a whole team of Messis with enough reloading.

Anthony Martial isn’t the final product yet and Wayne Rooney only has a 75 rating for pace. Both of these factors mean that you’re going to struggle to finish in the Champions League places if you decide to not purchase a sparkly new centre forward. Aymeric Laporte is 21 years old and is already rated as an 83. The Athletic Bilbao is a wonderfully gifted central defender and one that will significantly improve your side. The problem is that he may cost you around £40 million and if you have already bought Aleksandre Lacazette (like I told you earlier) then your finances may be a little short. If that is the case then place a bid of around £20 million for Paris Saint Germain’s Marquinhos who has an 81 rating and will also bolster your defensive options.

The only other new online options are regularly updated Live Tournaments, featuring rewards, but they’re only really worth entering if you’re literally the best FIFA player ever. Otherwise, stick to the returning ranked Seasons and co-op Seasons matches, create custom tournaments, and form Pro Teams with your virtual pro for up to 11 vs. 11 matches. Servers seem solid, lag is rare, and matchmaking’s fair.

This is huge for me. I think I’m falling in love again. Something that’s been desperately needed for a while. The general gameplay feels far more realistic. I feel like when I play a match in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins, I’m playing it the way I would see it played on television.